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Pluggin Tramore Empty Pluggin Tramore

Post by gerrywalsh on Sun 26 Apr - 16:38

Duration: two hours down to the bottom of the tide

Tackle: Tide minnow sinking lure

Results: 2 bass around the 2 pound mark

I had great intentions to go out on the kayak this mornin but the foggy head on me from the night before caused me to make a last minute change and go do a bit of pluggin from the shore. Thought that i might have regretted it on the way out seeing how flat the bay was this morning but it wasn't to be. I got the first bass after a couple of casts so i could relax then knowing sharky wouldn't have any reason to comment on blanking in tramore Very Happy Very Happy . About an hour later i landed another of approximately the same size great fight for a small fish, he went straight for the weeds cheers cheers just at the bottom of the tide i had another fish on just for an instant but lost it after it thrashed on the surface for a second Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad . I thought it may have been a seatrout but it could have just been another bass. Anyway fantastic day and glad i left the kayak at homePluggin Tramore Screen10

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Pluggin Tramore Empty Re: Pluggin Tramore

Post by barry on Sun 26 Apr - 21:32

nice one gerry good stuff ,hangover was not long going away i would say.had 2 cast in dunmore myself and landed a doggie

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