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screeming reels . cork 23rd april 2009

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screeming reels . cork 23rd april 2009

Post by screeming reels on Fri 24 Apr - 22:33

b]Vessel[/b]:Screeming reels

Crew:seirt, mike fitz, myself

Duration:9 hours

Tide:ebb to flood to ebb

Weather:WET !!!! but no wind

Bait:rag, mack, crab, launce

Rigs:spreader , shrimp rigs, feathers and sabikis, jelly worms

Results:15 species, Pollock, Whiting, Poor cod, Ling, Pouting, ballan warsse, cuckoo wrasse, goldsinney wrasse, red gurnard, grey gurnard, mackeral, launce, golden grey mullet, grey mullet, Megrim,

Well, after my crew deserted me for garry's boat, he did let me know the mullet were in! The weather was not good on the keeping dry front, but no wind.
Decided to have a go for the mullet in the harbour first and had a great session ( dezzer was also out and we found him after the mullet too!)
20 GG mullet later, including 3 specimens, 1 was 1.02 kg and a few grey mullet we decided to head offshore to the lings, A quick stop in the harbour mouth , picked up a couple of fresh launce, and my first mackerel of the year, ( that was my fresh bait!!) it was a lumpy old trip out due to the previous nights blow, but there was not a puff of wind.
Gilling was the first task, and we soon had a good few pollock to 5lbs onboard, mike plugged away at the bottom species, and had a nice selection of ling and wrasse, including a first for him a goldsinny wrasse.
after an hour i suggested a move to a megrim mark i had in deep water, on went the spreader bar a couple of nice fresh pieces of bait, 5 mins went by and i felt a little tipple on the rod, , lifted gentle into what felt like a fish, ( difficult to tell when using 16 oz leads in 250 ft water) i could feel a rattle on the way up, so mentioned to seirt i might have a flatty.
The leader came to the surface, and seirt said he could see a flash of silver, damn, not a flat, he then dived in with the net, and out came a Megrim!!
The bugger was so pissed off that i got one first drop he could'nt bring himself round to saying i had one on, nice one!!!
After 20 mins of seirt and mike calling me the luckiest B.....d in the world of fishing, and with no other fish coming up we moved to another mark,
Here we picked up some nice sized whiting to 1lb plus, and red/grey gurnards.
by now we were soaked, and started to head back for the harbour, we gave the bank a drift, but then got word the dezzer was into the mullet again, off we went and had another good hour catching the mullet.
A great day out, if very wet, nice to get the first mack under the belt, but will most likely be cursing them in a couple of weeks time.( fingers crossed 🙏 0)
Will attach a few pictures tomorrow as i am at work at present, i will also post some pics for the identification of the GG compared to the Grey mullet

screeming reels

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Re: screeming reels . cork 23rd april 2009

Post by bob o neill on Fri 24 Apr - 23:06

well done,sounds like a smashing day out
you would'nt mind getting wet when you have days like that
if carsberg did fishing trips they would be like that Very Happy

bob o neill

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Re: screeming reels . cork 23rd april 2009

Post by barry on Sat 25 Apr - 10:15

thats super fishing on the mullet must be in big numbers down there,what baits ye using?have to be able to target them up here there tons of them around.wont be getting out today with the weather.

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Re: screeming reels . cork 23rd april 2009

Post by Sponsored content

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