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off da hook first report

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off da hook first report

Post by steyrman on Wed 15 Apr - 0:24

Vessel:off da hook

my self and brian
7 am till 5 pm
strong s winds big swells tide running everyway
strong breeze but sunny
Bait:mixed mac ,squid ,frozen black lug

all sorts
Results:codling just under 2 lbs ,pollock.coalies to 3 lbs,whiting ,thornback ray,doggies.
started off kilmore at 7 am went out along way tryed a few marks scratching around had a nice few codling just under 2lbs. headed for redbank 4 charter boats there went to a wreck fished for 2 hours nothing on it fished the hook head again 3 charters on it .we had a few pollock on light gear good fun anchored up for rays on a mark that a boatman had giving me have one thornback and several doggies good swell we were being slapped around at anchor so we upped and went to the last mark of the day. were we had our best sport ever coalies to 3lb on light gear we had a lot great sport brian had the best of them we finished up at 4.30 back at harbour for 5 not to bad a day tides were strange but we managed a few fish brian even manageda good sunburn we also put 5 more hours up on new engine running realy well


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Re: off da hook first report

Post by barry on Wed 15 Apr - 8:42

well steyrman
nice one good days fishing there.good to see the ray there have a mark over there for ray never tried it tho waiting on a nice calm summers day nothing worse then slapping around and swinging on the anchor.roll on early summer flat calm mornings.

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