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Victory in illegal fishing cases

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Victory in illegal fishing cases

Post by Admin on Wed 4 Apr - 11:34

Victory in illegal fishing cases in Drogheda and Dundalk

Inland Fisheries Ireland have had great success with 2 recent court cases in the Drogheda and Dundalk areas, resulting in fines of €1,550 issued and expenses of €2,101 awarded to
Inland Fisheries Ireland for bringing these cases.
In the Dundalk district, in September 2011 Mr. Vladimir Prokopieve was found to be using nets at Drumcar Lake in Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan with the intention of taking coarse fish and pike illegally. Mr. Prokopieve was apprehended by Assistant Inspector Ronan O’Brien and Mr. Prokopieve was found to have more than 4 coarse fish over 25 cm in his possession and pike exceeding 50cm also. Following a number of summons issued to the defendant this case was heard at Dundalk District Court on 22nd March.
Mr. Prokopiev with an address at 11 Chestnut Grove, Bay Estate, Dundalk appeared in court and entered a guilty plea. Judge Sean McBride convicted him under Section 95 of the 1959 Fisheries Act in relation to fishing in fresh water for coarse fish by means other than rod and line. He also convicted him for breaches of the coarse fish Byelaw 806 of 2006 and the conservation of pike byelaw no. 809 of 2006. The defendant was fined a total of €1400 with one month to pay and Inland Fisheries Ireland was awarded €927 expenses for bringing this case.
In the Drogheda district, on 8th October 2011, Mr. Derek Nugent was found to be fishing out of season on the River Kells Blackwater, which is a tributary of the River Boyne. Under the salmon conservation laws the River Boyne has been catch and release for salmon since 2006 in an effort to preserve the valuable salmon stocks. Mr. Nugent was apprehended by Assistant Inspector Gerry Conaty and an on the spot fine for €150 was issued with 21 days to pay. The fine was not paid and a summons was issued to Mr. Nugent. This case was heard on 14th March at Navan District Court and Mr. Nugent pleaded guilty. Judge McMahon made it clear that the defendant had brought the prosecution on himself by his failure to pay the fine and ultimately by giving a false name and address. Judge McMahon convicted him under section 301 of the 1959 Fisheries Act and fined him €150 with €1,174 expenses awarded to Inland Fisheries Ireland with six months to pay.
Inland Fisheries Ireland has been instrumental in the introduction of the 2006 coarse fish and pike byelaws and the salmon conservation measures introduced the same year. Coarse, pike and salmon fishing provides an important recreational amenity to both local and overseas anglers, making a valuable contribution to the local economy. Inland Fisheries Ireland have a freefone number to enable members of the general public to report poaching and pollution incidences - 1890 34 74 24 or for easier recall 1890 FISH 24.

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