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rock fishing

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rock fishing

Post by lengrace on Tue 2 Aug - 13:56

Hi i was out fishing today at the rocks just outside tramore i was trying for conger i had a mackeral head on a 3/0 hook and a rotten bottom setup i had a few nibbles but got nothing when i went to pull in the rig it all snapped off and it happened again 2 more times maybe the knots were not strong enough?? Id be happy to just loose the lead anyone have any tips for me??

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Re: rock fishing

Post by gerrywalsh on Tue 2 Aug - 22:18

It's normal to loose a lot of gear fishing the kelp. Think i lost 6 traces fishing portally last year ran out of lead and had to go home an hour early for a club comp. Thinkin about it, the last place you want to break off is at your leader knot and the first would be as you said at your lead or the line tied to your hook.

Suppose if i was to go back there in the mornin i'd have main line on the reel of about 30 pound (no need to cast far here) and shockleader of usual strength (50lb). Then for the trace, maybe 30lb main body and 15lb for the snudes (lines with the hooks on em). Then i'd put a swivel at the end of the trace and attach the weight again with say 15lb line. None of these breaking strains are too small for pulling from a snag but if worst comes to worst at least you'll keep most of you're gear.

You can also use a pulley rig which will lift your weight if you get a bite but if you dont same story as any flapper rig, weight stuck on bottom! Also if your hook gets stuck in a rock or a kelp stalk same story again.

Plenty of info on makin rigs on the internet and any of the tackle shops supply whats needed.

There could be better ways of doin this, know it all barry might come back and say everythin i just said is horse s**t either

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