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Knifeman ‘was fishing for souls’ in late night attack

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Knifeman ‘was fishing for souls’ in late night attack

Post by Admin on Wed 8 Dec - 16:45

Wales News
Knifeman ‘was fishing for souls’ in late night attack

Dec 7 2010 by Rachel Moses, South Wales Echo
Craig and Colin Woolford with their dad Steven

A FISHERMAN has told of his horror when a knife-wielding man began to attack his father in front of his eyes during a late-night fishing trip.

Colin Woolford, of Penygraig, Rhondda, has spoken of his terrifying experience while out fishing with his family in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The knifeman told the father and his two sons he was fishing for “souls”.

Police have released an appeal following the attack, which took place at 1.20am, at Coney beach, Porthcawl.

Mr Woolford, a window fabricator, said: “We were on Coney beach and we go there to fish quite a lot, about 15 or 20 times a year.

“We have never had an experience anything like this before.”

He said he and his father, Steven Woolford, of Treherbert, were waiting with his brother, Craig, for one more of their party to turn up.

“We was waiting for one of the boys to come,” he told the Echo. “We thought this guy was him, but it wasn’t him and as he got closer we realised it wasn’t. He walked straight past us and then when he walked back, Craig asked him what he was doing.

“He told us he was fishing, but Craig said, ‘What are you fishing for, where’s your rod?’.

“Then he told us he was fishing for souls – as in the dead – so that’s what spooked us first of all and made us pretty wary of him.”

Mr Woolford said the man, described as being of Asian appearance, then brandished a knife and lunged towards his father, a 50-year-old auxiliary nurse at Llwynypia Hospital.

“He ripped a piece of my old man’s fishing suit where he went to try and stab him,” said Mr Woolford. “We managed to chase him off, but it was pretty scary.

“The more people who know to watch out for him, the better.”

South Wales Police confirmed they were investigating an incident in which three fishermen reported they had been approached by a suspicious male in possession of a knife.

Police said the male then ran towards the fairground.

Inspector Mark Kavanagh said: “No-one was hurt during this incident, but my officers are continuing to look for this male. I would urge anyone with information about the incident, or who may have seen him in the area, to come forward.

“If he is seen, he should not be approached and police should be called on 999.”

The male is described as 25 to 30 years old, of Asian appearance and approximately 6ft tall. He has dark hair and was wearing a white hoodie, black jogging bottoms and dark trainers.

Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2010/12/07/knifeman-was-fishing-for-souls-in-late-night-attack-

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