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Munster Youth Provincial Shore Championships Competition Rules

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Munster Youth Provincial Shore Championships Competition Rules

Post by Admin on Mon 20 Sep - 19:16

Munster Youth Provincial Shore Championships Competition Rules Competitors MUST FISH 3 OF THE 4 LEGS TO MAKE THE MUNSTER TEAM. Anglers must fish from their allocated pegs. The competition shall be run on a catch and return basis.FISH SIZE LIMITS. ALL SPECIES. 20 CM. EXCLUDED MACKEREL, SAND EEL, WEAVER,andPIPE FISH.Each fish will be measured. 1 point will be awarded for each centimeter the fish measures on the measuring stick. A fish must touch the 20 centimeter linebefore it will count. All measurements will be rounded down.The mouth of the fish must be closed when the fish is measured.Fivepoints will be awarded for every fish landed over 20cm, plus the measurement of the fish. i.e. 4 fish measuring 140cm = 140 measurement points plus (5 points per fish,) 4x5=20 fish points, so 140 + 20 = 160 total points.Lesser Spotted Dogfish will be awarded 40 points, 5 fish points and 35 measurement points,total 40 points.Thefirst L.S..D Must also be measure. This measurement will only be used in the Event of a tie.When a fish is landed, the fish should be placed in a bucket of waterford until the measurement is checked. If the fish is sizeable and the size is agreed by the steward and angler, the type of fish plus the Measurement of the fish should be recorded on the competitors score card and the steward's Mastercard. IT is up to the Competitor that his match card is signed.Minimum hook size to be used SIZE 4. MATCHl competition points 20 points for 1st place, 19 points for 2nd place,18 pointsfor 3rd place and so on down to the last angler to recieve points and the angler that blanks will recieve half the points of the last scoring angler. While the competition is in progress anglers must prepare and bait their own traces,cast and retrieve on their own. Any additional help must be authorized by the steward in charge. Only match offical and stewards are allowed on to the peg of an angler while the competition is in progress.Objectionsin writing signed and witnessed and handed in to the Officer of the day within half an hour of lines up.Any angler littering the fishing area will be disqualified. Please take your litter off the beach. Any misuse of alcohol or drugs will lead to automatic expulsion from the competition. Any angler not abiding by the rules will be spoken to by the offical and an appropriate action will be taken.The decision of the match offical is final. TIEBREAKER: Each competition will be decided as following will apply Each Competition.1st Tie Breaker. Number or fish..2nd Tie Breaker Total lenght of fish 3rd Tie Breaker Lenght of individual fish 4th Tie Breaker Length of 1st .L .S .D.

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