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Sea Fishing Baits Guide

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Sea Fishing Baits Guide

Post by Admin on Fri 16 Jul - 20:52

Fishing Baits Guide

Sandeels are a
terrific all-round bait. Sandeels can be used live by hooking through
the upper lip or through the base of the eye socket using a fine wire
hook. There is a space here so little damage is done. Dead sandeels are
hooked by sliding them mouth first on to the hook and turning so the
hook comes out just behind the gills. The quality of frozen sandeels
varies from bait shop to bait shop. Sandeels are best fished with a
light rig with a long snood that moves around giving the impression that
the sandeel is struggling in the surf. Live Sandeels cast poorly,
ripping lose if any real power is applied.

king ragworms should be threaded up the shank of the hook by passing
the point of the hook through the centre of the ragworm. The head of the
worm is pushed up over the eye of the hook and up on to the line above
it. The lower body is held in place on the shank of the hook, and the
tail is left hanging from the bend.

best results, small razors can be hooked in a similar fashion to worm
baits. This will involve taking the whole razor from the shell. To prise
the meat out, insert a knife carefully into the hinge of the shell.
Don't force the shell apart as all this will do is tear the meat inside.
The main attraction as a bait is the meaty foot, which, when placed on a
hook will support the rest of the body. Thread the hook down through
the centre of the flesh. As most razors are around 3-4in long it is
advisable to present maybe more than one on the hook.

bigger species, such as bass and cod, a whole calamari squid mounted up
on a double-hook pennell rig is the best method. The squid can be
mounted in such a way that it seems alive. If using a single hook with a
whole calamari, it is advisable to bind the body section to the line
above the eye of the hook. This will stop it slipping down on to the
shank of the hook. Also you can cut the squid into long strips which is
great for tipping off baits that might otherwise slip off the hook.

mackerel are a good bottom fishing bait for conger eels. They can be
prepared for the hook as follows and should be fished on a large hook
and wire trace. Take a sharp knife and cut the mackerel in half from the
gill cover near the head to the tail end. Make sure you keep the knife
flat against the backbone. Then most widely way of preparing mackerel
for shore fishing is to cut it in to strips. Cut at an angle with the
strips tapering downwards. This is a good bait for most fish,eg cod,
whiting, dogfish etc.

Peeler Crab
It is
advisable to peel the body completely and remove the gills and legs. The
legs should also be peeled. Lay the peeled crab on its back and cut the
body in half long-ways, down through the centre with a knife. Take half
the body and thread the point of the hook through the leg sockets,
starting at one end and working up through the sockets to the other. The
crab should be quite secure at this stage. To help keep the body on the
hook you can impale the legs on the hook below the body. Using the legs
like this will give the impression of a live crab. For added security
use bait elastic or cotton thread to bind the bait in position on the

Raw Prawns
These are a great Ray bait
and also catch a whole host of other species. Alot of sea anglers swear
by raw tiger prawns etc to out fish alot of other baits. Thread the King
prawn onto your hook as if you where preparing a sandeel.

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