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Sea weed wine this is one to try at home

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Sea weed wine this is one to try at home

Post by Admin on Sat 26 Jun - 21:38

Sea fruit wine, seaweed wine and beer.

Use of seaweed for producing of a consumable

You can
make consumable wine from almost any non-toxic fruits, vegetables,
leaves, bark, wood, roots, flowers, grains, seeds, pods, and flower
buds. Some will make it from sap, nectar, moss, lichen, fungus, algae of
seaweed, corn silk, coconut milk and germinated seeds.

I will try
to give enough information about algae & seaweed to allow you to
experiment on your own and make an acceptable wine. However do not
forget that a little knowledge can be dangerous but even worse, no
knowledge lethal if you produce something more potent than distilled

contain an amazing wealth of components, containing more than 50 active
marine ingredients. Many regard it as a food able to prevent disease.
All sea’s mineral substances are concentrated in seaweed cells. Similar
to a tiny

manufacturing plant, producing minerals,trace elements,
protein,vitamins and fiber. Each variety of seaweed possesses its own
individual cocktail of elements/sustances, so it is essential to choose
the appropriated type seaweed for the required property/function. That
is the reason why they are so popular as food supplement.

supplements are normally composed of many compounds, such as vitamins,
amino acids, detox-ants, anti oxidants including minerals and sometime
other herbs. The combination of ingredients used, varies between
products and each product, used to alleviating nutritional disorders to
digestive complains, hormonal and nervous system irregularities.

Yeasts and bacteria have been used by people and applied for
their well-being since ancient times in every part of the world. These
health promoting drinks and foodstuffs found everywhere. Kombucha,
kyass, posca, kefyr,airag, kumyss, tsampa, pulque and miso to name a
few. There are hundreds of recipes for fermented beverages such as
meads, wines, ciders, ale and vinegars. One of the advantages of
fermented drinks and food is that they can be kept and stored. Raw
grapes do not last long and grapes juice last only slightly longer and
fermentation was sought as a preserving measure for the juice. Another
way of preserving was the drying of the grapes and turning them into

During the fermentation many of the nutrients in the seaweed get
released. There is however a big difference with the normal used fruits,
the process of fermentation can affect some of the different
Polysaccharides present and change the properties considerably. Marine
algae or seaweed contains many minerals, salts,
vitamins and proteins, anti oxidants and phycto-nutrients not common in
most plants, that make this particular wine healthy and [able to] boost
the immune system".

Seaweed contains only a limited amount of fermentable sugar.
(3-5%) and up to 15-20% of none fermentable sugars the so called
Polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are large, complex carbohydrate
molecules containing three or more mono saccharides. Living organisms
use polysaccharides to store energy, and polysaccharides also form part
of cell structural fibers. Starch consists of many glucose (mono
saccharide) hooked together in both linear and branched forms. Pectin,
gums and cellulose are also large polysaccharide molecules. Some might
consist out of one thousand and more mono saccharides. Giant molecules
and many of them are electrically charged. A chemist talks than about
“possessing reasonable physical properties” meaning a structure allowing
them to be chemically modified and in such a manner that they can
readily be converted into film, fibers, coating and foams using aqueous
processing techniques. Her we are talking about natural formed
substances that can change properties under the right conditions in aqua
solutions. (Alchemy) (Saccharide means sugar.) Nature did not create
and produce these polysaccharides for that purpose but to help plants to
live and grow in choppy sea’s and animals and humans to stand up and
walk the planet. (Defying gravity). They makes these special
polysaccharides as important as vitamins, essential proteins and the
omega 3/6 fatty acids. Officially, saccharides are for fuel and fuel
only, nothing special about it, at least that is the official line. Do
you believe it ?.Removing these polysaccharides from a body would mean
no structure and no strength. The biggest part in any body including
plants is water.

Fermentation of the seaweed.

In nature, there is one fruit which provides all the required
ingredients for making wine, and that’s the grape. The right amount of
natural sugar, the right amount of natural acids, its own flavor and
tanning and no pectin. Even its own yeast, that grey powdery stain is
wild yeast. Seaweed is an alkaline from nature meaning very low on acids
and what we call digestible sugars. The liquid extract holds enough
sugar but not in a digestible form/shape. Before starting the
fermentation did add citric acid to lower the Ph to about 4.5-5.0 and
add some sugar or honey. Ph 7 is neutral, below 7 is acid like and above
7 is alkaline.

Grapes are around 4.5. We use citric acid to lower the Ph because
it will disappear during fermentation a process called reduction.

Acids are not required by the yeast but play other roles. They
contribute to taste, enhance the flavors, but above all their ability to
stop, or at least retard the growth of potentially harmful

To produce a good quality wine you have add citric acid to lower
the Ph. (Make it more acid like) and add some sugar, honey or raisins.

See recipe.

Recipt of
seaweed wine:

  • 1 gallon
    (4,50 liter) water

  • 2 lemons
  • 1 sweet

  • ½ LB kelp
    flakes (laminaria)

  • 2 ¼ LB
    sugar (1000 gram)

  • Citric
    acid (2 oz/50 gram)

  • Yeast

*Add to 1
gallon of water a spoon full of citric acid, two spoons full of sugar
and a little bit of yeast. Stir and leave for 24 hours to start the

*Add ½ LB
of kelp, immerse it. Stir three times a day for three day’s.

through a sieve and collect the extract (water fase) and put it in the
fermenting bottle.( Yield about ½ gallon.) Seaweed will absorp about
half a gallon of water and will try to hold on to it.

*Add the
same amount of fresh water to the seaweed and stir again.

three days, strain again through sieve and transfer the extract (liquid)
to the fermenter.

*Add fresh
water to the seaweed.

Stir three
times a day and after three days separate the extract from the seaweed.
If you do have a press you can use it to remove as much water as

nutrient inside the seaweed will transfer in to the liquid fase
redially. However the seaweed will hold on to the water fase with the
nutrients. You will have to replace the water face a few times to get
the nutrient rich fase out.

Add the
sugar to the fermenter.

oranges and lemons (discard all white pith, this is important because it
will effect the taste afterwards). Boil the the peels in the sap for 20
minutes and add to the fermenter.

*Add yeast
and stir well, until all sugar is dissolved.


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